What I Want...What I Need - Part 12 - FINAL CHAPTER

Summary:Jayne wants to know where he stands with Zoe and when everything gets hot and dangerous, Zoe has to take a stand.
Rating: NC-17 (for sexual content) - NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS

I apologize for taking so long to write this final chapter. Please forgive me because I really enjoyed all your comments on my efforts through the years. I wish I could express how deeply sorry I am for taking so long. I hope you will still read it.

If you've missed any of the Jayne/Zoe fun This is a link to What I want...What I need Part 1

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Ghosts & Memories Past

Title: Ghosts & Memories Past
Author: Brandywine00
Summary: Jayne ain't what he seems... even to his own self...
Rating: R (mostly for swearin' & adult-type stuff)
Characters: Jayne Cobb, Zoe Washburne, Crew of Serenity
Spoilers/Timeline: Spoilers for series & BDM. Post BDM, about eight months
Series: Ghosts & Memories Past
Firefly & Serenity - not mine;recognizable characters from any fandom - not mine; Jayne Cobb - not mine (damn!); cashy money from this work - not mine; mistakes, typos and dangling participles - well, I guess I get to own something! ;D
Author's Note: Link below to Fanfiction.net. Reviews and concrit appreciated. Ongoing Jayne-centric mystery that's moving toward... well, we'll have to see where our Amazon warrior fits into things...

Chapter 28 now posted here (link to Fanfiction dot net)

Or, if you missed the beginning, here it is from the top...
Chapters One through Twenty-Eight now posted...
dr who

Who We Are (Zoe/Jayne) R

Title Who We Are
Fandom Serenity/Firefly
Pairing Zoe/Jayne
Author Devylish
Rating R
Words 4697
Warnings If you've seen Serenity, you're golden.
AN When you love someone, deeply, and they're taken from you. Can you love again?
Disclaimer On my profile.

firefly - zayne sad

The Dance

Title: The Dance
Author: Ru_salki99
Rating: nc-17
Pairing: Jayne/Zoe
Disclaimer: Firefly is property of Mutant Enemy.
Author's notes: Written for the jossverse_bb.
Artists: Chapter headers by the wonderful scarletshimmer story header by xeyra
Beta: The fantabulous the_proofreader - she is made of win!
Summary: Post BDM. Mal and Zoe are making plans to go undercover as a couple for a job. But last minute they, they discover that Mal can’t go, leaving Jayne to take his place. While on the job, Zoe and Jayne become closer than either of them ever imagined was possible. However, when they get back to Serenity, Zoe doesn’t want things to change from how they used to be.

I can do romance

What I Want...What I Need - Part 11

Summary - Tension builds between Jayne and Zoe. Sexual and otherwise. River has her own agenda. NC-17.

Please leave comments. All are appreciated.

Disclaimer: Firefly, Serenity, and all related characters are copyright 2002-2005 Mutant Enemy, Inc., Universal Pictures, and 20th Century Fox. This is a work of fan-fiction. No copyright infringement is intended.

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This is a link to What I want...What I need Part 12
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